Pandavision was established in 1998 by brothers Erick and Sean Ferris in Burlington Township, New Jersey.

Starting off as a variety sketch show with puppets, the brothers created a unique universe of characters which soon formulated into a genre of its own. Their hands, which animated the puppets, were intentionally visible in almost every shot. Both Erick and Sean provided over a dozen different voices for each of the characters.

Notable sketches include: “Unexpected Visitors” (2001), “Unexpected Visitors II” (2002), and “Pandiator” (2002). Upon completion of “Pandiator,” the genre has since been abandoned.

Pandavision Productions has henceforth focused its efforts on producing more mainstream content. Mockumentaries include: “The Mystery of Little Merlin” (2002), “The Beginning of the Civil War” (2003), and “My Friend, Alfred” (2007).

In the Spring of 2009, Pandavision in association with On Target Films, spearheaded a spectacular sports documentary, “Archbold Stadium: The Story of ‘78″. The film premiered in May at Syracuse University and has henceforth received numerous accolades and praise. Acclaim of the piece can be found all over the Internet. The documentary has been and is continuing to be shown at various events all across the northeastern United States.

Pandavision received its official recognition on the Internet Movie Database mid-summer 2009, and is continually producing content of all sorts. While working solo, both Erick and Sean each continue to brand their projects under the Pandavision banner.