Star Spuds (1998)

Star Spuds

The year was 1998. Star Spuds was inspired by Atif Ali. I called his older brother, Yusuf, a couch potato, when all he wanted to do was watch TV instead of coming outside to play kickball. Atif mistakenly called him “Potato Couch,” which ultimately led to me drawing cartoon strips regarding him as a potato…along with his siblings: “Spuds in Black,” “Potato Wars,” and finally “Star Spuds.”

Mixing these ongoing “Spud” jokes with Andy’s catchphrase “dope,” alongside themes from “Star Wars,” and the Nintendo 64 game, “Star Fox 64,” “Star Spuds” was born.

Although the shooting of “Star Spuds” was never finished, the storyline and animated scenes continued to develop through the fall of 1998 to the spring of 1999. Since then, the entire story was completely abandoned. It became purely reminiscent of the very first movie I ever made…until now.

Footage originally shot April 1998
Animation drawn 1998-1999
HD Special Edition Completed January 2010

Star Spuds ©1998, 2010 Pandavision Productions.

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